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 Quotation of Written Translation
(Unit: RMB/Thousand Chinese Words )

Quotation of Written Translation:
(Unit: RMB/Thousand Chinese Words)
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General Kind 170-200 180-210 200-280 210-290 220-280 230-290 350-500 360-520 500-700
Speciality Kind 210-280 220-290 290-390 300-400 290-390 300-400 380-550 390-570 530-750
Senior Kind 290-500 300-510 400-520 410-530 400-550 410-560 560¡« 620¡« 800¡«









The actual quotation could be determined by the cooperation parties, based upon the material content. Your enquiries should be appreciated.


Quotation of Written Translation:
(Unit: RMB/Thousand Chinese Words)
General Kind£º Commercial Correspondence¡¢Company Profile¡¢Advertising¡¢Invitation¡¢Popular Scientific Material and other documents of non-speciality kind.
Speciality Kind: Technology Documents including Product Descriptions, User Manuals, Technology Documents, Academic Thesis, Medical Materials, Installation Guides etc..
Senior Kind£º Materials including Business Contract, Tender Document, Patent Document, Judicial/ Arbitration Document, Notary Material, Official Documents, Company Annual Report etc..








The translated material is quoted upon the amount of Chinese characters. The words calculation method is according to the number of ¡°words counting (no space)¡± in tool menu of Microsoft Word. The document for written translation whose word count is less than 1,000 shall be charged the same as the document with 1,000 characters.
The above-mentioned quotation is the price before tax.
The documents including certificate, materials for going abroad, notary materials, drive license, Certificate of Admission, documents with stamp would be charged RMB 150 each.
Regard to the materials with higher specialization and accuracy levels, such as patent and law documents and business contracts, the service charge would raise 20~30% additionally depending on technical difficulty levels. Urgent documents would be overcharged by 20~100% of the original payment as the urgency fee.
After the agreement is signed, 50% of the total payment shall be prepaid, with the rest paid after the translation is handed or delivered. A copy of document printed by laser printer, carried in floppy disk or CD is provided for free.
Our company shall not be held liable for the content and usage of our translation, as well as for consequences from direct or indirect use of our translation; Our company is only responsible for the accuracy of translation. We are also not responsible for source, content and usage of the source document, except for the issues relating to the translation fee.



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