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    Established in Guangzhou, China, SIMUL is a professional translation and business consultant company, which targets to the translation service for both high-end and medium levels. Our service majors in the oral interpretation and written translation covering the languages of English, Japanese and French etc.  

     The Human Resource of SIMUL is dedicated to discover and attract the top translating talents from both China and overseas.  The database comprising terminology of assorted fields has been set up by us, whose resourcing could be shared among our translators and interpreters, while experience-sharing meetings are held regularly for our staffs. 

   In modern business, good communications, from products introductions to projects biddings, are vital in terms of concluding transactions, which is true especially in international business, in which cross-culture and language differences may easily cause misunderstandings. It is EDC Translation¨s mission to solve the problems mentioned above, and SIMUL provides (guide) interpreting, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting on occasions.

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