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  Why use us?
• Powerful software platforms and ready facilities
• Proven work flow and proficient expertise
• The biggest database storing the parameters and terminologies of all just introduced products worldwide, uniform and standard global industrial updates
• Classic example bank nearly concerning all trades and commercial area of the time
• A wide network of professionals including industrial experts, native speakers, returned overseas scholars, professors from universities, linguists, etc.
• State-of-art terminology management system
• The most native, natural, fluent expressions of target language
• Tens of close international strategic partners including global recognized translation centers from Britain, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.
• Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via house calls 

  Each and every member of our staff has a minimum qualification of a Bachelor of Arts degree, a very high level of proficiency in his / her target language(s), and a very strong technical background in translation & localization skills.

  The accurate and cost-effective translation of technical documentation and software demands expertise in appropriate linguistic and subject-matter knowledge. To preserve the integrity of all your technical documents, we ensure that only native speakers with applicable backgrounds and education are assigned to your projects. All of our translators have extensive experience with the subject matter they translate.

  We have two basic requirements for translators: one is proven fluency in foreign language skills; and the other is an extensive scope of knowledge within the translator¡¯s language(s), i.e. being knowledgeable in at least two different professional fields. These two requirements supplement each other and are indispensable to our success.

  Our translators are all of top quality, and are employed only after a strict selection and evaluation process. Over 60% have earned their master¡¯s degrees and all have abundant practical experience in the translation and localization field. Our company carries out various periodic training for translators to improve their professional techniques, translation skills and translation style as well as their comprehensive translation level. In addition, we carry out comprehensive evaluations once every quarter and lay off the person graded last in the performance evaluation. We simply do not choose to continue to employ incompetent translators. We thoroughly understand that, to provide high-quality translation for clients, we must have an excellent and professional translation team.

  Our whole professional team is composed of translators, senior translators, editors, proofreaders, DTP engineers and project managers. All our editors and project managers have work experience with well known translation and localization companies or IT companies, they are not only experts in translation and localization, but also have a thorough understanding of project flow and quality control issues.

  We maintain the same high standards of qualification assessment, recruitment and training for our freelance employees that we do for our full-time employees. The only difference between our freelance employees and our full-time employees is that our freelancers work either part-time or on a per-project basis.



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