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   In modern business, good communications, from products introductions to projects biddings, are vital in terms of concluding transactions, which is true especially in international business, in which cross-culture and language differences may easily cause misunderstandings. It is EDC Translation¨s mission to solve the problems mentioned above, and SIMUL provides (guide) interpreting, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting on occasions. such as business visits, sightseeing, exhibitions, business negotiations, press conference, seminars etc. in almost every industry.
   Translators that sent by SIMUL Translation are through strict selection, and about 50% of them has studied overseas , so that high-quality service will never let you down.

   So far, following interpretation services are available in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong etc.:
Guide interpretation
hotel booking, tour guide, hosting , products introduction etc.
Business interpretation
business negotiating , conference, seminars etc.
Consecutive interpretation
business negotiating ,conference, seminars etc.
Simultaneous interpretation
business negotiating , conference, seminars etc.

Professional Field

   Network ,communications, telecommunications, computer, semi-conductor, machinery, automobile, electronic, electric, biology, oil, natural gas, financing, trade, real estate, immigration, law, politics, auditing, accounting, metallurgy, construction, energy, environmental protection, geology, traffic, food, aviation, textile, clothes, water engineering, agriculture and aerographic etc.
Translation of Language Species
   English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Italy, Korean, Mongolian, Thai, Burmese, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, Vietnamese, Dutch, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Arabic, Malaysian, Indonesian, Rabbinic, Greek, Persian, Slovak, Urdu /Pakistan, Bangladesh, Latin etc.,

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