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     The Human Resource of SIMUL is dedicated to discover and attract the top translating talents from both China and overseas.  The database comprising terminology of assorted fields has been set up by us, whose resourcing could be shared among our translators and interpreters, while experience-sharing meetings are held regularly for our staffs.  All of our translators and interpreters possess the practical experience of over five years in their own professional fields, and most of them have been received the systematic training.  Besides, SIMUL has also attracted the overseas returnees to join, who owns the excellent training background of Science and Technology.  By means of our strong translating team, efficient management team, good translator sourcing, as well as our advancing management mode, we are confident to have you offered the excellent service with satisfaction.     

    Systematic Think-Tank Network

    Guangzhou enjoys the sole advantaging position of finance and economic in Pearl River Delta region, where members of Fortune Global 500 companies as well as the famous domestic universities and institutes are gathering.  SIMUL is headquartered in the important trading area of Guangzhou C Tianhe Bei Road, which is of the reasons why SIMUL could attractive the elites to join.  We devote ourselves to build the top professional translating team.  The exceptional intellectual sourcing makes it true for us to keep updating and progressing, so as to provide our clients with better service by the updated knowledge and the precise style.          

    Advanced Devices of Software and Hardware

    The advanced devices of software and hardware are prerequisite to successful translation.  To satisfy the meet of our clients, we should be equipped with the ample material sourcing.  Hence, SIMUL possesses the specialized management software and translation saving tools such as Trados and Catalyt etc, as well as the high-tech PC, scanner, printing device, stable server, large-scale enterprise mail, fax machine etc.  And all the staff of SIMUL should be received various training to improve their service quality and efficiency.  Therefore, SIMUL could build the smoothing environment for communication with the clients.    

    High-Class Marketing and Customer Service 

    We believe the perfect reputation comes from top-ranking products of and high-class marketing and customer service.  The project managers and sales representatives of SIMUL marketing department have been trained professionally.  Meanwhile, the professional management staffs are also available, who can communicate with the clients directly in Chinese and foreign languages.  Since they learn well of the market and own the practical experience of translation, they could respond to the client¨s requirements at the soonest.  Hence, they could give the favorable impression to each client of SIMUL by their speciality and diversity service.          

    Precise System of Quality Assurance

    SIMUL always holds the belief that ^Quality First and Service Best ̄.  We understand translating work should be the complicated, precise and professional creation.  To fulfill the translating tasks, our translators and interpreters should be equipped with high language levels and abundant professional background knowledge, while the precise system of quality assurance is also necessary to supervise the whole process.  The integrated SIMUL system of quality assurance is constituted of strict procedure for hiring and evaluating the translators, precise inner management system, and scientific translating flow chart.  The comprehensive quality management according to GB/T19002-1994 idt ISO 9002 could guarantee our translation service in high quality and cost effective.          

    Branches Set Up Widespread

    Aiming to become the leader of the translating field and to service our client nearby and with more convenience, SIMUL has set up the chain branches and built up the improved business networks in Chengdu, Changchun, Shanghai, Beijing and Changsha respectively, besides the headquarter in Guangzhou.  Furthermore, SIMUL has established the strategic partnership with the professional translation enterprises and publishing houses from Hong Kong, Canada, America, England and Japan, to obtain the win-win outcomes. 

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