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    Established in Guangzhou, China, SIMUL is a professional translation and business consultant company, which targets to the translation service for both high-end and medium levels. Our service majors in the oral interpretation and written translation covering the languages of English, Japanese and French etc.  Especially in the field of simultaneous interpretation, SIMUL owns an expert team in high quality and high level, who could build up the bridge of communication between you and your clients by providing the top professional service efficiently.

SIMUL for Predestined Relationship
   The Chinese Character of ¡°SIMUL¡± originated from the pronunciation and the meaning of ¡°SIMUL¡±.  We treasure every bit of the predestined relationship with our clients, since it is the predestined relationship that leads us to meet each other.  During the days of our knowing and well acquainted with each other, as well as our cooperation, SIMUL should do our best to offer the service to satisfy all your requirements.  It would be our honors and great pleasures to accompany you with our endeavors on the road leading to your success.  Your success would be the success of SIMUL, and your gratification also means the immense gratification to SIMUL. It is the predestined relationship that leads us to meet each other, while the joint success could enable our relationship for lasting.
SIMUL for Communication
    Setting our sights on the professional translation field, the essential goal of SIMUL is to have our clients gained the smooth communication all the time.  Therefore, SIMUL has been equipped with the special expert group for you.  Our professional translator group is comprised of not only the professors who have engaged on the field of college foreign language teaching for years, but also the talented and seasoned translators with abundant experiences.   In our advantaged field of simultaneous interpretation, the experts of SIMUL could help the involved parties of the appointment reach the smooth communication without any obstacle and build up the unimpeded communication bridge among the parties, based on the facts that SIMUL experts all own practical experience of years and could understand the requirements of the clients thoroughly.  Provided the excellent communication was the bridge, here you are, there is your client, while SIMUL would be a sounding-board between you.
SIMUL for Progress and Development
   Since the day SIMUL was established, we have kept eager for the progress and development unremittingly.  Having targeted to the translation service for both high-end and medium levels and aimed to provide the efficient service in high quality, the strength of SIMUL is being continuously augmented through the ordeals.  With exact demands on SIMUL itself, it is our mission to grow up and develop along with you during our cooperation, while to constantly fulfill your tasks with satisfaction is our motivity.
   SIMUL has been developed and progressed step by step from all the cooperation with our clients.  If we have your kind attentions and interests in SIMUL for Predestined Relationship, Communication, Progress and Development, warmly welcome to join us.  It is our great desire to offer you with the efficient service in high quality.

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