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Quotation for Oral Interpretation


Quotation for Oral Interpretation
Type of Oral Interpretation


Foreign Language
All Day (8Hours) Half Day (4Hours) All Day (8Hours) Half Day (4Hours) All Day (8Hours) Half Day (4Hours)
Companion Interpreter Tourism Guidance,Exhibition Decoration etc.) 500-800 500-780 900-1500 560-800 1800-2500 1200-1500
Business Interpreter (Business Negotiations¡¢Advanced study and training¡¢Real Time Translation etc.) 800-1500 580-1200 1000-1800 600-1080 2500-3000 1500-3800

Consecutive Interpreting (Conference¡¢Lecture¡¢Master of Ceremonies¡¢Business Negotiations¡¢Seminar etc.)

1500-3000 1200-1800 1800-4000 1080-2400 3000-5000 1800-5000
Simultaneous Interpreting (Conference¡¢Lecture¡¢Business Negotiations¡¢Dialogue between Governments¡¢Seminar etc.) 3000-6000 1800-3600 4500-8000 2800-4800 6000-10000 3000-7000

* The actual quotation could be determined by the cooperation parties, based upon the concrete task contents. Your enquiries should be appreciated.


Item Statement£º
Work Hours

¡¤All Day£º8 hours within 8£º00¡«20£º00£¬including 7-hour working time and 1-hour break time
¡¤Half Day: 4 hours within 8£º00¡«20£º00. If the service duration covers or exceeds mid day, the service fee will be charged as negotiated beforehand.

Transportation¡¢ Accommodation Expense ¡¤Be charged according to the actual situation.
Standard Fee for Overtime Hours ¡¤Standard£º¡¾Unit Price/ Per Overtime Hour¡¿£½¡¾Price for All Day¡¿¡Â 8 ¡Á 125%
Travelling Allowance ¡¤Domestic£ºRMB150/Day    ¡¤Overseas£ºRMB500£¯Day

Fee for Movement to the Destination Outside Guangzhou

¡¤The time for movement to the working destination outside Guangzhou would be charged as the work hours.¡¡
¡¤If the time for movement of single way exceeds 4 hours, fee for movement would be charged as 30% of the all day fee.
Early Termination Fee  
Others ¡¤If discussion is required before the job, fee for discussion would be charged as 30% of the translation fee additionally.
¡¤The rental for simultaneous interpretation devices is listed in separate quotation.


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